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About Turkish Universities

Education languages are often received of Turkish or English at European standards in any field you would like at private and public universities within the country. (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry etc. Health Departments, Engineering, diplomacy , Social Departments and Law etc.)

However, Public universities are considerably cost friendly but generally Turkish education is provided and Students are taken by YÖS exam to bachelors. Private universities are paid but the language of education is Turkish / English and registration is completed without examination and is completed consistent with highschool diploma grade.

YÖS exam isn’t mandatory for those students who will steel oneself against their postgraduate. it’s sufficient to graduate successfully from your university. Some universities may request additional documents. Enrollments are often made in both semesters in spring and autumn. Duration of education is 2 years for associate , 4 years for baccalaureate , 2 years for post-graduate and 4 years for PhD.

Top reasons to choose Turkey as a study destination

  • An advanced nation loaded with regular and recorded wonders where public activity is great.
  • Costs for living in the Turkey and instruction at the college are a lot less expensive than in America and Europe. Certificates are likewise legitimate in Europe.
  • Quality instruction openings at European guidelines.
  • Numerous chances to get a new line of work in your nation or Turkey after graduation. (Particularly in the field of wellbeing)
  • While learning at the college, there are low maintenance study openings.
  • There are grant open doors for fruitful understudies.
  • There are about 8 million understudies concentrating in excess of 200 colleges in the Turkey.
  • There are 190 thousand International Students concentrating in the Turkey There are understudies from all nations.


If you should study the training conditions, scholarship alternatives of universities in Turkey and wish to learn about in Turkey, we’re anticipating you to those fairs. honest Participation is freed from Charge. that take part to the raffle in this system and get a scholarship.

Do not omit to register on-line fair!


In Turkey, there are scholarships given by the declare and Social Society Organizations to a hit students. These scholarships for bachelor, post-graduate and Ph.D. college conceal education, understanding and air tickets. that you would be able to earn this scholarship later a not easy exam.

In addition, inner most Universities present scholarships at the speed of 25-50-75-100% to a hit college in line with their diploma grades and language levels. college who earn this scholarship have the right to a reduction on their training fees. in the event you are very successful, which earn one hundred percent scholarship and find out about without spending a dime in deepest university. (These scholarships best disguise the schooling fee)

Find out where you can study in Turkish

Our partner institutions in Turkey:


Middle East Technical University (METU)


Koç University


Sabanci University


Boğaziçi Üniversitesi


Bilkent University

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