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If you are a keen student wishing to study in one of the top universities in the world then, Russia is right study destination for you

Discover the educational feature & advantages of studying in Russia

Did you know that the country that has the most educated population in the world is not Japan, Canada, the UK or the US, but Russia? According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), more than half of Russians have higher education qualification. A jaw-dropping number of 200,000 people from 168 countries come to study at Russian universities, and their amount is growing year by tear.

In Russia, you can acquire in-depth, fundamental knowledge in any subject imaginable, but the country is best known for its strong academic schools in physics, mathematics and natural sciences. And this is especially proven by the positions of Russian universities in world rankings (see the “Russian Universities in World University Rankings

Top reasons to choose Russia as a study destination

  • Optimum Ratio of Price and Quality of Education: In 2020, the cost of studying at Russian universities in full-time Bachelor’s Degree Programmes started from 83,000 roubles a year (1,277 US dollars)
  • Funded Tuition: Russia is one of the few countries to offer foreign citizens free tuition.
  • Opportunity to Learn Russian: Local universities offer different Russian language programmes – courses, summer schools, and online learning.
  • Opportunity to Study in English: Haven’t had time to learn Russian? No problem! More and more Russian universities are offering programmes taught in English.
  • Comfortable and Well-Equipped Campuses and DormitoriesMost Russian universities have their own dormitories with a surprisingly low cost of accommodation
  • Easy Adaptation for International Students: Russian universities are proud of their adaptation training for international students – you will get a personal supervisor and then have a chance of joining multiple student communities.

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