Tanta University

Tanta University offers various academicdisciplines in an effective appealing environment that enhances innovation.There are medical colleges such as Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy,Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Nursing and the Nursing Technical Institute; collegesof basic sciences such as Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Facultyof Agriculture, and Faculty of Computer and Information; colleges of educationincluding Faculty of Education, Faculty of Physical Education and Faculty ofSpecific Education; as well as colleges of administrative and human sciencesincluding Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Law. Average costof undergraduate at Tanta University is 4500 USD per academic year.

Students at Tanta University enjoy exchangeprograms in different specializations in addition to summer training programs.All students have access to the IT Club, the Center of Fine Arts and theScience Club.Moreover, all students can receive medicalcare through Students’ Health Care Medical Administration of Tanta Universitythat includes 22 clinics of different specialties.

  • However, life at Tanta University has manyother aspects. Students can practice many activities. Sports ActivityDepartment offers students opportunities to do a lot of individual and teamsports with an elite group of specialized coaches. There are many pitches andcourts such as the Olympic football pitch, track for athletes, hole for longjump, throwing circle for shot put and another one for discus throw, volleyballcourts, a basketball court and tennis courts. Faculty Of Medicine

The main campus of the university currently includes the following faculties and institutes:

  • Faculty Of Medicine
  • Faculty Of Pharmacy
  • Faculty Of Dentistry
  • Faculty Of Nursing
  • Nursing Technical Institute
  • Scientific Faculties
  • Faculty Of Science
  • Faculty Of Engineering
  • Faculty Of Agriculture
  • Faculty Of Computer And Information
  • Educational Faculties
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Physical Education
  • Faculty Of Specific Education
  • Administrative And Human Faculties
  • Faculty Of Commerce
  • Faculty Of Arts
  • Faculty Of Law

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February 21, 2022

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