Suez Canal University

The history of Suez Canal University dates back to 1976 when the university was established by the presidential decree no. 93 for 1976. The study began in 1977 in six faculties; namely, the faculty of science, the faculty of agriculture, the faculty of commerce, the faculty of engineering and technology (in Port Said), and the faculty of education (in Suez). In the 1980s and 1990s, steady expansion in the university has been going on with a new faculty opening its doors almost every year.


Today, there are 49588 students registered at the university studying in more than twenty faculties distributed in more than six Branches located in Ismailia, Port Said, Suez, and El-Arish. Two more faculties, one for arts and humanities and the other for fish, are to be established soon. Suez Canal University is looking forward to occupying a prominent place among higher education institutions based on its contribution to university education development and its interaction with its community through pioneering research associated with its community.

University Mission: We are a university heading for its community aims to provide opportunities to its student for learning and education which capable of competition and provide work opportunities in its wide field at globalization era responding its community needs and eagerness to develop values within it without compromised to abandon our identity


Faculties And Institutes Of Suez Canal University

Health And Medical
Faculty Of Medicine
Faculty Of Dentistry
Faculty Of Pharmacy
Faculty Of Nursing
Faculty Of Engineering
Faculty Of Computers And Informatics
Egyptian Chinese Faculty For Applied Technology

Life Science
Faculty Of Science
Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty Of Agriculture
Educational And Human
Faculty Of Education
Faculty Of Commerce
Faculty Of Arts
Faculty Of Alsun
Faculty Of Physical Education

Faculty Of Tourism
Fish Farming And Technology Institute
Biotechnology Institution
Afro-asian Institute

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February 21, 2022