Minia University

Minia University is rich in history, it is known for its famous faculties and University buildings. It was separated from Assuit University by virtue of Republican Decree No. (93) Of 1976. The University includes 20 faculties in addition to the Higher Institute of Nursing. Four faculties are located off-campus; faculties of Arts, Dentistry, Engineering, and Veterinary Medicine. The other 16 faculties are located on campus; Faculties of Education, Agriculture, Science, Dar Al-Uloom, Medicine, Fine Arts, Tourism & Hotels, Physical Education, Alsun, Nursing, Pharmacy, Specific Education, Computer & IT Science, Art Education and Law. Minia University is an international, comprehensive organization, its core mission is summarised in Implementing programs that meet learners’ personal aspirations and career needs across the life span. Developing the academic programs for under / post studies to keep pace with rapidly changing and scientific and technical progress. Generating new knowledge to benefit society and serve Environment Using Science and Technology to achieve the goals of solving society’s problems through sustainable improvements of human resources by providing superior education to its students, and offering pragmatic and innovative solutions to address human needs. Supporting the scientific and cultural connections between Minia University and other scientific organizations in the Arab world and internationally.


The Main Campus Of The University Currently Includes The Following Faculties And Institutes:

  • Faculty Of Arts
  • Faculty Of Fine Arts
  • Faculty Of Dentistry
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Engineering
  • Faculty Of Dar Al-oloum
  • Faculty Of Physical Education
  • Faculty Of Kindergarten
  • Faculty Of Specific Education
  • Faculty Of Nursing
  • Faculty Of Computers & It Science
  • Faculty Of Agriculture
  • Faculty Of Science
  • Faculty Of Tourism & Hotels
  • Faculty Of Pharamcy
  • Faculty Of Medicine
  • Faculty Of Alsun
  • Faculty Of Law – Open Education
  • Faculty Of Social Work – Open Education
  • Faculty Of Commerce – Open Education






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February 21, 2022

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