Beni-Suef University

Beni Suef University was established based on a Presidential Decree No. (84) in 2005 and resigned from the prestigious University of Cairo The University includes (Faculty of Commerce – Faculty of Law – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Faculty of Arts – Faculty of Science – Faculty of Education, Faculty of Medicine – Faculty of Nursing – Faculty of Industrial Education -Faculty of Engineering – Faculty of Physical Education) The university study system is divided into two semesters with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine, where the study period for each class is 15-weeks, followed by an exam at the end of it, the general result of the grade will be at the end of the school year. The number of graduates since the start of the study in Beni Suef faculties till 2007 in 62321 graduates from various faculties and institutes Through self-evaluation of its educational programs, Beni-Suef University seeks to advance a permanent development in its educational process, promote the quality of performance, and obtain an outstanding position among local, regional and international universities. The continuous development of educational and postgraduate programs to cope with the requirements of the present time and lead to graduate well-qualified students.



The Main Campus Of The University Currently Includes The Following Faculties And Institutes:

  • Faculty Of Commerce
  • Faculty Of Arts
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Law
  • Faculty Of Medicine
  • Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty Of Science
  • Faculty Of Pharmacy
  • Faculty Of Nursing
  • Faculty Of Physical Education
  • Faculty Of Engineering
  • Faculty Of Industrial Education
  • Faculty Of Computers And Information
  • Faculty Of Economics And Political Science
  • Faculty Of Postgraduate Studies For Advanced Sciences
  • Faculty Of Dentistry
  • Faculty Of Media
  • Faculty Of Physical Therapy
  • Faculty Of Agriculture
  • Faculty Of Applied Health Sciences Technology
  • Faculty Of Kindergarten
  • Faculty Of Applied Arts
  • Faculty Of Al-alsun
  • Faculty Of Social Work
  • Faculty Of Earth Sciences
  • Faculty Of Tourism And Hotels Faculty Of Special Needs Science
  • Faculty Of Navigation Sciences And Space Technology



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February 21, 2022

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