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In the early 1990s, a republican decree was issued to form a committee to rehabilitate Mr. Ismail Al-Azhari Intermediate School. The committee began its work with a first meeting held in the Musical Weapons Corps in Bahri under the supervision of Brigadier General Hassan Karkab. The meeting was repeated for the second time in the Republican Palace under the supervision of Colonel Muhammad Mahmoud University and in the presence of Nefer Karim from the patriots And when presenting the text of the republican decision, which is to rehabilitate Al-Azhari Intermediate School for Girls, Mr. Bashir Al-Nafidi made a proposal that stated: “The Azhari leader is too big to qualify a school in his name and suggested that a university be established in the name of the Azhari leader, and we will support the implementation of the decision.


Bahri Dangola
Ahmed Qassem Street

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April 21, 2022